So much has changed since 1984...

And yet it hasn't. Even though we replace our gear with the latest, greatest technology every few years, our clients still come to us for the same reasons: they're looking for the experience, talent, and perspective to bring their marketing, and communications objectives to life. Today, the team at Bennett shoots and edits HD video, creates custom music, and designs motion graphics. And so much more.

Bennett Innovations has provided professional video, custom audio, and editorial services to the biggest, smallest, and best corporate and advertising clients around, and we're still happy any time we catch up with an old friend or meet someone new. 

So take a look at our reel, or check out our video projects. And please, drop us a line. We'd love to talk some business, or at least some basketball. Or music. 


Bruce White, President
(317) 257-6293

PS - We're number one. Just ask Boomer!