Bennett News: Summer Memories: ’75 All-Star Game


Growing up on a farm in the middle of nowhere northern Indiana, there weren’t many opportunities to attend professional sporting events. I was a sports nut long before ESPN and all the dedicated sports channels, though. And my family was very active but not particularly sporty. My dad never played sports, seldom attended my sporting events and almost never watched sports on TV.

But for some unusual reason, in the summer of 1975 he decided to load up all 5 kids with our mom and drive 4 hours to Milwaukee for the MLB All-Star Game. We weren’t well prepared and it never occurred to us that the game might be sold out – which it was, of course (there’s an app for that now). Somehow my dad was able to talk someone into letting us in the stadium and stand on a walkway. We ended up with a great view of the game and it’s one of the most vivid memories from my childhood and helped me become a lifelong baseball fan.

Some interesting notes of the game for the baseball buffs – NL started 4 Reds, 3 Dodgers, 1 Cardinal in the field against the AL’s 4 A’s, 3 Yankees, and 1 Twin; first honorary All-Star Captains were Mickey Mantle and Stan Musial; Hank Aaron’s 21st and final All-Star game in the same stadium he started as a rookie with the Milwaukee Braves; Star-Spangled Banner was sung by Glen Campbell and Henry Kissinger threw out the first pitch. Play ball!

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