Did we mention that we return your phone calls on time and that we treat you with professionalism? Many of our new clients are surprised by this way of doing business. Maybe that’s why we have remained an industry leader since 1984.

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The production process at Bennett works in a similar way for audio, visual and graphics projects. We work as partners with our clients. Once Bennett is awarded a project, we bring everyone together to review the project goals, budget and delivery dates. Next, a production schedule is created outlining dates and times for scheduled activities, assets required and crucial dates that will require client action. Client communication is very important throughout the entire process. At major process points clients receive style tests or prototypes before we proceed to the next step. This is a significant reason we stay on budget. We constantly communicate about what you like and don’t like to make sure we are completely on target with your project.

One more benefit to working with the Bennett team is that there is no question about who is in charge of your project. One phone call for project updates, status questions or confirming the delivery of assets. If that sounds like something that would work for you, email or call us to discuss your project.

First, Bennett Innovations understands our business and the importance of impactful video production that speaks directly to our customers. Then, they excel at infusing a unique creative design that enhances our vision and improves upon our intentions. And most important, they strike the right balance between quality and cost to deliver products that satisfy both our customers and our accountants. Millions trust Rolls-Royce. And Rolls-Royce trusts Bennett.
Bryan Mitchell
Marketing Manager, Rolls-Royce North America
I have worked with Bruce and his team on several projects over the years, and I have found them to be a very professional, highly-skilled audio and video production team. I know I can count on them for very creative collaboration, as well as technical expertise. Big jobs or small, they stayed on time and on budget, while providing us with a high quality product. Bennett Innovations consistently and frequently provides communications throughout a project – and they also make the project interesting – and most of all fun!
Sue Yeskie
Director of Marketing, Community Westview Hospital