About Us

Founded in 1984, Bennett Innovations takes a collaborative approach to all our projects, whether we’re working directly with a client, an in-house marketing team or an ad agency. We bring our tools and creativity to the table while respecting your expertise and seeking the best solutions.

Meet the team

We offer a full range of capabilities from HD video production and editing to mobile web sites as well as custom music and sound design. We are also old enough to remember our manners. (A friendly human answers our phones, for example, and we give you fresh coffee and plenty of candy while we chat.) The thing is, we actually like our clients, and we like to think they like us, too.

Our team of experts first learns about your company’s brand, goals and dreams. We brainstorm ways to help you exceed your goals using tools that stimulate the senses and urge your customers to take action. We use techniques that move you. And we move the needle that drives your business.

Over the years, Bennett has cultivated a large network of talent, from local and national on-camera and voice talent to outstanding video crews. That puts an abundance of great creative resources at your fingertips.

Learn more about our unique production process and what we can do for you. Email or call us today at 317-257-6293 to learn more about the services and capabilities at Bennett Innovations.